Early signs and symptoms of dementia

The term dementia can be used to cover a number of different disorders and diseases. If you’re worried that you or a loved one may be suffering from some form of dementia, here are some of the earliest signs to look out for:


Trouble with short-term memory

Probably the most well known early dementia symptom involves memory trouble. This can be a lot more subtle than you may think and is usually related to short-term memory. For instance, the person could retain memories from years ago but forget what they had for dinner last night or where they left a particular item. Look out for any such subtle memory changes.

Fluctuating mood

Mood changes such as an onset of depression can be symptomatic of early dementia. This is a tough sign to recognise in yourself but you can spot it in others.

A change in personality can also occur along with a change in mood. For example, someone who is usually an extrovert may become more introverted and shy.

Trouble with communicating their thoughts

If someone is struggling to find the right words to express their thoughts, this may be another early sign of dementia. It can be more difficult to hold a long conversation with a dementia patient, even during the initial stages of the illness.

A loss of interest in their usual activities

Early dementia can often include feelings of apathy or listlessness. Someone who is losing interest in their usual hobbies, activities or going out and doing things they used to enjoy may be in the early stages of developing dementia.

Becoming confused or unable to follow storylines

Confusion is common in those developing dementia. This is linked to the difficulties with memory and sudden changes in personality and mood. All this could lead to a confused feeling in an early dementia patient, as they get confused about why they keep misplacing their glasses or forgetting things from just the day before.

Another classic early symptom could be a struggle to follow storylines, as dementia patients can forget words and their meanings leading to difficulty following films or conversations.

Inability to finish easy tasks

A struggle to complete simple tasks could be another early indicator of dementia. This includes all those tasks that are familiar to them and that they used to do on a daily basis. It can also be a challenge to learn any new tasks or routines.



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