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Expert care for those living with dementia

Dementia describes a variety of disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. In these types of conditions, the brain undergoes a gradual deterioration. Symptoms include:

  • memory loss
  • difficulties with speech and communication
  • impaired ability to make sense of the world
  • loss of daily living skills
  • behavioural and emotional problems

Why does dementia require specialist care?

Living with dementia can be a frustrating, difficult and often a frightening experience. At Randolph Hill nursing homes we offer a stimulating and safe environment in buildings specially designed around our residents.

We look at things like signage ─ making sure it’s easily understood, so that finding the way round is that much easier. Activities are encouraged, whether it’s a one-to-one baking session, having a favourite book read aloud, or a gentle exploration of the garden, all aim at stimulating conversation and the senses.

Exploring and remembering

We have pioneered the creation of a Reminiscence Room: a space where memorabilia, favourite objects and reminders from the past are arranged and explored by residents with the help of staff specially trained in dementia. Time spent here can trigger memories of happy times and bring much pleasure.

This unique concept was developed by staff following a training course, and has proved hugely therapeutic in allowing residents to recall and remember significant people and events from their past.

Meaningful moments

Often it’s the small things which can make all the difference when living with impaired cognitive ability. A reassuring chat with staff on waking up during the night; the delight at sharing an old family album with their key worker; or enjoying their favourite cake on a sunny afternoon. We know how much these things can improve quality of life for residents with dementia.

Continuity of clinical care

Stability and familiarity are increasingly important for residents as they move through the different stages of dementia. Our round-the-clock nursing resources and provision of palliative care make it possible for residents to stay in the nursing home from admission to the end of life.

Our trained staff work closely with local GP practices, psychiatric specialists and community mental health teams. We ensure that people with dementia live a longer, healthier life enjoying the best possible care at Randolph Hill nursing homes.

Our Services

All the Randolph Hill Group nursing homes offer a range of care services