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Meet the team

Our experienced and dedicated staff provide the highest standards of individual care and support to our residents.

Our manager

Randolph Hill, Dunblane has been run by Clare Allen since it opened in 2006. Clare leads an excellent team of registered nurses, carers and support staff, several of whom are also long-standing members of staff.

Our team

As a nursing home, Randolph Hill, Dunblane has a particularly high level of qualified staff, with nurses on duty 24 hours a day, providing peace of mind for residents and their families. Our care staff are equally committed; together nurses and support staff form a professional, compassionate team with the ability to make life fulfilling and full of laughter.

At Randolph Hill, Dunblane we employ registered nurses and care workers along with managerial and administrative staff, domestic, kitchen and ancillary staff. Together we form a strong professional unit where every member of staff knows the name of every resident. We treat our residents with kindness, affection and above all, respect.

Expertise and continuity

Randolph Hill, Dunblane meets National Care Standards, see our inspection report and this is in many ways due to the outstanding performance of our staff. Many have worked here for a number of years, which provides essential continuity of care and contributes to the family atmosphere. The assignment of a named nurse and key worker to each resident ensures that individuals feel cared for, and we find a single point of contact is helpful for families who want to know how their relative is faring and discuss any aspects of their care.