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About the Randolph Hill Nursing Homes Group

The Randolph Hill Nursing Homes Group was established in 1985 to provide high quality care for older people. The philosophy of each of our nursing homes is to provide professional, skilled and empathetic individual care. We pride ourselves on our warm, inclusive approach to residents and extend this welcome to families and visitors.

Our reputation

Throughout our 28 years our reputation for providing high quality accommodation, dedicated and experienced staff and proactive, hands-on management has contributed to our strong position in the Scottish nursing home market. Our nursing homes across Scotland are given operational and administrative support from the head office in Edinburgh; all meet the Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland (SCSWIS) standards and each one is subject to our own rigorous quality audits.

A solid business

Security and peace of mind are vital when choosing a nursing home for yourself or a loved one. With a Randolph Hill home you can be sure that there is a strong, sound business behind the superb provision of care.


The Randolph Hill Nursing Homes Group is run by Peter McCormick, Managing Director and Ingrid Neville, Director of Nursing.

Peter McCormick, Managing Director

Peter McCormick is a certified accountant with over 20 years business experience. He joined Randolph Hill in 1996 as Financial Controller, before being made a Director and then his current position as Managing Director.

Peter is a Fellow Chartered and Certified Accountant (FCCA), demonstrating extensive experience and commitment to professionalism and ethics. He is a graduate of accounting (SHND) from Napier (University) College, Edinburgh with ACCA studies.

Born in Girvan, Ayrshire, Peter was brought up in Scotland, England and Southern Africa. He lives in Edinburgh with his wife and daughter.

Ingrid Neville, Director of Nursing

As Director of Nursing, Ingrid Neville has responsibility for ensuring managers and staff work as a close-knit team, enabling residents to get the most out of their later years.

She joined the Randolph Hill Nursing Homes Group in 1998, having completed her nursing training in the 1980s. She brings to the role over 18 years of experience specialising in the care of older people.

Ingrid is qualified in general, psychiatric and district nursing. She is knowledgeable about dementia, having completed specialist postgraduate training in dementia and has an advanced dementia care mapping qualification.

Future plans

Our future plans are to expand this provision and maintain our reputation for quality care.

Our Services

All the Randolph Hill Group nursing homes offer a range of care services